How Does Google Hummingbird Affect a Website Manager

Oh no!  Here it comes, another dreaded Google update!  This is one of the scariest things you can hear as a website manager.  Yes the very scary “Hummingbird” is here.  Ok lets all calm down, it’s not as scary as a Panda or a Penguin.  It’s just a little hummingbird!  So what exactly is this new update to Google’s search engine?  Well, simply put the “Hummingbird” allows Google to provide more relevant results to help us find what exactly we are looking for.  The new algorithm has the power to use long search terms and understand their meaning without using each individual keyword.

Don’t worry though, just because Google has changed their algorithm doesn’t mean website managers can’t do any search marketing any more.  I’ll tell you how this update affects your SEO campaigns.

Google Hummingbird | What You Need to Know As A Website Manager

Google Hummingbird | What You Need to Know As A Website Manager


How the Hummingbird Flies

The Hummingbird flies with wings of accuracy.  What this simply means is that when you search for specific things like a restaurant, Google understands that you don’t want the definition of the word restaurant but rather information about a restaurant, like its location, timings, specials, and menu items.

This helps consumers with instant information and accuracy of the searches.  Google is pinpointing the location of the searches, especially from mobile devices which makes it more and more important for businesses to use Google places and Google Plus local accounts for their businesses.

The Hummingbird is Targeted and Specific

Most people search with a conversational tone using mini sentences when trying to find information.  The Hummingbird update is tailored and specific to the conversational tone used by the searcher.  As in the past most results were generated by ones topic or exact keywords used in the search.  Now the entire extent of the search phrase is considered before displaying your results.

What Does This Mean For Us Website Managers?

Well I don’t think that the impact on SEO or SEM is really as heavy as it might seem.  In fact Google asks that we need not change anything, simply produce original and relevant information that helps people.  In essence Google’s goal is to display results that are precisely what the individual needs.  Since this update is focused on removing irrelevant data, it actually should help certain sites move up in ranking.

So as far as making changes in SEO/SEM tactics, we need not really worry about it as long as we have been doing it correctly.  In fact at the beginning of this month several articles of ours have moved up in rankings due to the relevancy of the information.  So if you are a website manager who has been following Google best practices then you have nowhere to go but up from here!

For more information on how to maneuver through the new Google Hummingbird update contact us.


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