One of the Best Real Estate Marketing Ideas

One of the best real estate marketing ideas ever invented has come through the mobile marketing platform.  Many real estate agents are using out dated marketing methods today and still wondering why they are not selling many homes each year.  As you have probably read in several real estate magazines and articles over the internet the most successful real estate agents are the ones who put themselves out there for the world to see.  It makes sense really, the more people you reach the better your chances of getting new leads and clients.  Besides 20 foot billboards and bus signs, savvy real estate agents are using the power of the mobile phone to collect leads and turn them into buying customers.

The hardest part of making the sale is to find the buyer first.  Well mobile marketing has done exactly that for savvy real estate agents who are using mobile technology to connect with home buyers.  The best part is that once agents get connected with the potential buyer, they can sell them any new properties they may have for sale.  The trick to selling homes faster than the average real estate agent is to have a list of hungry buyers ready to go.  That’s the difference between the agent who takes 4 months to sell a home and the one who sells it before it’s listed.

We know that mobile marketing is one of the best real estate marketing ideas because it does three things for the real estate agent. Firstly it finds them hot prospects who are interested in the property they are selling.  Secondly it puts them in touch with these prospects for future sales or other real estate related jobs like selling their home.  Thirdly it exponentially increases their chances of selling their properties faster than without mobile marketing.

As you may have already seen on some of your local for sale lawn signs there is a small section that says “text #### to get an instant virtual tour”.  With the advent of the smartphone the potential buyer doesn’t have to wait to go home and search the internet to find the property.  Now once they text in the keyword to what ever number on the sign, they get an instant message back with a link to the virtual tour.  They no longer have to wait to get home to see the home they are interested in.  They can view it anytime, anywhere.  So the potential buyer is surely impressed by this agent’s tech savvy approach and the agent just got a potential lead that he can build a long term relationship with.

With many great things that come out of technology in this day an age, real estate marketing has come out of the dark ages bringing in new light for agents who are struggling to build up their portfolios.  No matter what real estate marketing ideas you choose to use, always remember that the best ideas will always connect you with your potential customer and keep you connected.

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