Publishing Content for Small Business Owners in 2014

Content Marketing for Small Business

Content Marketing for Small Business

The way the Internet has formed along with search engine ranking has made online content of utmost importance in the eyes of the business world. The bottom line is if your site is not producing content this year, your site is dead! This is changing how business people approach their personal website and their own presence online generally. The focus now is not on generating the most backlinks or page views it is on publishing high quality content that users will engage and share along with others. This includes content that is on-site as well as off-site.

The shift in thinking has additionally created a brand new market for non intrusive marketing. This strategy incorporates advertising which promotes content, integrating the ads to the experience of the consumer. For instance the ads we see on Facebook news feeds such as a friend liking a certain website or product. This gets your curiosity sparked and drives you to see what this website or product is. Small business owners can utilize current tools like those present in social media, or simply incorporate their very own flavor of non intrusive advertising by their own website. This can easily be achieved by showcasing in details about the services and products you sell in your blog along with general news about your own business.

As in whatever you put up on the internet, you will want to consider some precautions. Make sure the content you put up is unique. This is particularly true if your company is involved. Assume that everything you find on the internet is protected with a copyright. Don’t duplicate the same thing on your site or any other sites. As we saw from Google’s big penalty to sites that produce duplicate content, losing ranking and authority.

When writing content especially for your business, make sure to keep things focused and on topic. Having a specific niche hard focused can help you develop a strong following. Once you decide on your niche, decide on the time you can devote to publishing content. The biggest thing here will probably be consistency.

The last thing you will need to do is decide where you need to publish your content. There are a lot of sources online and many traditional ones where one can make a large impact. The best tip here’s to keep the actual quality content for your website. This could keep people coming back and help gain search engine trust making your site a valuable asset for your business.


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