Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Web manager For Your Company Website

The following are ten great reasons why your small business requires the handy work of a web manager:

1. You are Hiring a Professional

A website manager is a professional and knows what works and what doesn’t. Web Managers knows what improvements made to the business website would be beneficial in the long term. Amateur users learn to optimize their websites through trial and error but as a small business owner, you cannot afford to do that. Doing certain technical things without specific knowledge in the area will result in de-indexing of your website from the search engines. For a small business, web presence and reputation management on the internet are essential things. So leave the responsibility of your website in the safe hands of a Web Manager.

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect of dominance in the web and small business should not ignore that. A web manager knows how to optimize the on page and off page SEO to rank your website for targeted keywords which brings traffic to your website. By ranking for a keyword related to your niche you are increasing the chances of getting more potential clients who are interested in what you are selling. Both on page and off page SEO takes time and patience to build and it is a long term process than short term, but yielding a high return on investment.

3. Content

Creating quality content is another responsibility of a website manager. Quality and engaging content keeps your customers and website users engaged in your website. You can provide information about your business to the web manager and he would carefully re-write or modify the content and create an engaging post that is SEO optimized. When it comes to the internet  “content is king”. Everyone loves content and people share content on their social networks if they find a particular piece interesting and engaging. Good content can be a post, video or a picture.

4. Analytics & Reports

Website managers use analytics to analyze the behavior of the visitors on the website. They understand that carefully analyzing and improving the website to be more user-friendly can affect the website and the business in the long term. There are many analytics services that are free like google analytics and paid analytics from SEOMoz. Website managers analyze, optimize and tweak website for maximum performance. They also send you monthly reports showing the status of your website in terms of traffic, conversions, ROI etc.

5. Security

Security is an important factor that a web manager should be concerned about. Spammers and hackers are always looking to steal and misuse sensitive information from commercial websites. A professional web manager checks the website for vulnerability and fixes it as soon as possible. If your website gets hacked by hackers then it would tarnish the reputation of your website and your customers would no longer trust you with their private and sensitive data.

6. Social Marketing

Social marketing is another area which requires a website manager’s attention. As your customers actively use social media to communicate with their friends, keeping a good social reputation of your business is important. A strong facebook and twitter domination can set you miles apart from your competition .If you have a lot of targeted facebook and twitter followers then whenever you post an offer to the page, you can expect a lot of people to see that update on facebook and respond accordingly. This all can be managed by a web manager and happens without spending a dime on advertising.

7. Creating a Customer Database

You can create an optin for your business website to collect user emails and constantly keep in touch with your customers through email campaigns. Website manager’s know how to create effective email campaigns that can bring outstanding response from a customer database. An email database is also a potential asset of your small business.

8. Customer Support

A website manager can create customer support portals and set up live customer support chat in the website to increase the interactivity of the website. Quick and efficient customer support increases the reputation of the business in the eyes of the customer.

9. Promotions & Advertising

Promotion and deals can be easily showcased on your homepage. If you are getting considerable amount of traffic then you can get the promotion and deals to go viral. A web manager can optimize your website homepage so that the visitor would share the offers or deals with his friends.

10. Surveys

To better understand your customers you can ask a website manager to create custom surveys. These surveys provide you with information and ideas on how to improve the product or service you offer through your website.

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