Search Engine Marketing Done Right

There are so many alleged methods of doing SEO that just cost money with no positive return on investment.  Many times, things done in the name of SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING actually hurt websites more than help them with ranking and authority. This is why you will find me writing about what to never do in SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING.

While it’s all to easy to say what SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING isn’t, it’s a good deal harder to pin down exactly what SEO is right now.  SEO is still similar to what it was when I first started practicing it over a decade ago. Generally speaking, SEO is simply making your site the best it can be both for people and search engines like Google.

Still, that broad explanation probably doesn’t mean much to most people. You’re likely wondering how exactly you should go about making your blog or website the best it might be.



Time or Income

First — when you’re dealing with having the finest of anything, you must acknowledge that there is absolutely no short cuts. Whether we are trying to create the best website or the best physique, it’s about to take a huge investment on your part. That means you’re about to spend plenty of cash or lots of energy or many times both to help it achieve its desired status. Just as the big fat belly cannot disappear overnight, great websites cannot be built in a day. You will need some major resources to use if you truly want your website to interest both people and search engines like Google. This means often hiring smart people to work diligently on the website and marketing, or spending most of your energy doing it yourself. Your best bet probably a mix of both.

Understand Your Potential Audience

To start building the best website, you have to seriously understand your target audience. You need to know who they usually are and what they would be searching for. In case you don’t know this, start researching. In case you have an existing client base, do client surveys. If you’re implementing a new small business, then be sure to research the heck out from the industry you’re coming into. You should do this before deciding to begin a business.

Create a new User-Friendly Site

Once you’ve received your resources and users worked out, it’s time to get to work. The first thing you’ll want to do is to build a crawler and user-friendly site.  It is a crucial step which you cannot skip. If you’re working with a preexisting website, you ought to determine whether what you currently have is actually friendly to people and search engines alike. You need to build it to meet their needs with every step.  This will ensure a great initial start to your website marketing.

Content Development

Now that you have the initial setup regarding SEO baked into your site, it’s time to focus your energy or budget on content. Initially, you had some perception of your content strategy when you created the site architecture. But having a method and implementing this are two different things. While creating content will likely be an ongoing task, you do need your main page and main product or service and services web pages well written.

The idea with article marketing is to offer your users exactly what they want. And because you already know who they usually are, you should be able to start writing your articles directly to them. By doing which, you’ll naturally be using words they use when looking for your services through search engines.

Writing Tags

After your articles are created, you need to write down your Titles as well as Meta description tag words.  As a speedy summary, be sure make use of your most important keywords in the Title tags, while also making them something worthy of clicking when found in the search engines. For Meta descriptions, you need additional keywords that describe each page’s content. The title tags should always be keyword friendly and direct.  The meta tag description should succinctly describe what the article is about.

Getting Your Message Out

All of the aforementioned is really all you need to do to have a site that is optimized for search engines. But doing the above steps doesn’t get you zillions of search visitors. You need to take your time marketing your merchandise, services, and even your website itself, as much as you possibly can.

In most cases you’ll want to do both online as well as offline marketing. On the net, you’ll want to learn where your target audience hangs out and become a component of their communities. Those places may contain various social media for example Twitter or Facebook, and it might include other social networks such as blogs and forums. Offline, you may wish to participate in and/or attract local events, advertise in magazines, classifieds, mailers, radio, or perhaps television. Your goal is to do whatever it takes to get visitors to know about the brand.

Moving Forward

What I’ve mentioned up to now is obviously a shorter summary of all the work that needs to be done. None of the above may be accomplished quickly or effortlessly and without spending some funds. But with that said, it is really all there exists to SEO right now. It’s a combination of knowing your target audience, describing your great services in ways they’ll understand, and getting your message out about it all.  As you move forward, you must always create additional content for your website to help your audience with finding what they are looking for. Plus, you must continuously promote, market, as well as advertise. Constant vigilance and hard work are key to achieving results with SEO.


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